Monday, July 23, 2012


Hahahahaha. Apparently someone searched for "Aphinya sucks and fucks" according to Blogspot. I'm sorry to disappoint you (whoever you are), but I don't really have a sextape out on the interwebz. But I do have plenty of weird/lame/wtf stories out there a la daydreaming about japanese spider crabs instead of doing homework and reading about orangutans locked up in brothels etc.

Ahem. Anyway. So. I'm leaving for Berlin in two days and then Switzerland afterwards. But guess what. Turns out that a guy I know is going to Switzerland as well. To the same village. Gimmelwald. There's only one "road" in the village and ca. 200 people living there, so it's going to be painfully hard not to run into him.

Anyway. I didn't know until for a second ago. A friend linked me a cool Lauterbrunnen valley base jumping video after I told him where I was going to end up in Switzerland. When I asked how he came across the video, he said that a friend of his who's going base jumping in Lauterbrunnen showed it to him. Turns out I know his friend a little too well. D:

Hm. He's going to base jump Lauterbrunnen Valley and the Eiger - I'm only going to do Via Ferrata, which is like mountain climbing/hiking for morons.  But! The view! Oh man, I am going to take SO many photos.

Via ferrata photo - thanks Google. 

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