Monday, July 23, 2012

Asian escapades + money + altmuligtblandet

So. I got home around 3am. I was bored, couldn't sleep and apparently Solada and a few of the other Thai girls couldn't sleep either. So we started drinking. It ended up being a bit brutal. We kept jumping up and down on Soladas bed while singing karaoke. Man, it was awful. 5 drunk Thai girls jumping on a bed and singing awful songs.

Solada accidentally kneed me right in the babymaker when I tried to grap the microphone from her. She apologized, and I teared up. And no, I'm not a crybaby, BUT BEING KNEED RIGHT IN THE UTERUS WAS NOT FUN AT ALL. I think a part of me died a little.

Whatever. It was awfully fun. Anyway. Guys. I met Magne the other day. I hid behind a bench and pretended to tie my shoestrings. But he spotted me. When he came over and asked why I was crouching down behind a bench, I laughed it off and said something like "ahahha.. ahaha.. ahaha.. I was tying my shoestrings, silly!!" - his reply? "you're not wearing shoes with strings." fuck. I suck. Why didn't I just say something like "dude, can't talk. about to piss my pants" or something like that? Or even better, why didn't I just smile and power walk away? I am so fucking bad at confrontations. It almost seems like I have to be pushed again and again before I stand up for myself.

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