Saturday, June 9, 2012

Buddhist Hell themed amusement park, wtf night out and Japanese spider crabs

I went out with two girl friends. I had a lot of fun and somehow I woke up next to two Arla boxes on the bed. Anyway. My friend Signe is cool, but she's very, very girlie, which is something I have to get more used to. Like, I usually only say "baby" or "honey" to my friends when I'm being sarcastic, but she says it all the time, ├╝ber seriously. I kid you not. But again, she's a cool kid.

Ahem. Moving on. So, we were at a bar in the Meat Packing District, where she met a guy named Claes, when we were dancing. She turned over to me and said "I know this is going to be awkward for you, because Kasper is here".. And then pointed over to a guy who weren't him, but apparently some dude named Lars (why am I so good at remembering names?). I just shrugged it off and lol'ed a bit about it, but apparently she didn't really get that it wasn't him, because she kept saying "Aphinya, is this awkward?" But, the only awkward thing for me, was kinda the fact that her and Claes has a rather messed up but hilarious past. Insert lolness.

Anyway, I'm going to Morocco! I have no idea when, but I'm going! Anne's (the other girl) artist friend invited us along down to North Africa! Rad! Another rad thing: Japanese Spider Crabs. I spent my last night of preparing for finals reading a ton about Japanese spider crabs instead of actually fucking studying. But seriously. So radical. So humongous! Also, I wonder if they're any good food wise..

Here you go. Instant awe.

Also also. I have a super weird thing going on with a guy. 26, attorney and all that. And somehow this is slightly turning into a "sugar daddy" thing, because he's offering to buy various things for me.. Like a plane ticket. But did he honestly expect me to actually say yes? I can't even go out eating with a friend if she/he is paying for the dinner without feeling super fucking weirded out.

So! Status!
Copenhagen! No contact with family! Hungover! Ripping headache! Annoyed over Africans living upstairs who are currently having sex to the sound of awful gospel! Going hitchhiking soon! Come to my cremation if I ended up being hacked to pieces by a lunatic serial killer along the autobahn!

Aaaand. A friend of mine wrote an awesome article and guess who he quoted! ME OF COURSE. Seriously, it's the best article ever. It deserves a Cavling for insightful journalism regarding a... Hell N Torture themed Buddhist amusement park. Lolwat. Oh Thailand, I love you.

.. Yup. Pupils dingling in their guts. I love Buddhist Hell theme parks.

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