Saturday, December 3, 2011

Awkward blind date

It's funny to think about how miserable I used to be, back when I actually cared. But everything is different now. It feels like something is missing inside of me. Like I've been stripped clean of emotions. I smile, I laugh, and whatnot. But deep down, when it comes to serious shit, I just don't care anymore. Which I don't mind.

Anyway. I'm reading like crazy for the moment and I'm still working on the photo project. And I went on a blind date today. Turns out the dude is my ex boyfriend. Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT. 

I said hi and then I tried to leave by saying ''uhm.. I have to meet up with my grandma at the nursing home where she's living''. Fuck. Worst lie. Ever. Why? Because both of us know that my grandma lives in freakin' Thailand. 

Yes. I suck. But why waste my time on someone I've already labeled ''white man no good''? So that was it. My first blind date. It lasted around 2 awkward seconds.

When I somehow end up meeting ex boyfriends, I don't feel like gorging on chocolate and then crying myself to sleep while listening to ''Nothing Compares 2 U'' by Sinead O'conor or something when I get home. Because you know, stuff like that ends for a reason - mostly.

But somehow I tend to think.. ''Whoa. Has he really been inside me? Did I really date him for such a long time? DA-YUM!''. I know. Random wondering. Sometimes I wish I could be more emotional when it comes to ex boyfriends. Just to feel a bit human.

Oh well. I made a hardcore layer cake with Michael afterwards. The cake was so grossly fattening that it was kind of awesome. So basically:

Awkward blind date - FAIL
Making an epic cake with Michael - WIN
Eating the layer cake of d00m with Michael and a few other friends while watching Human Centipede - WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN

Say hi to Diabetes Mellitus type 2

P.S. This is pretty damn cool. Perry, you rock. 

 Public event · By Perry Heauxlstein
    • When8 December at 19:00 until Thursday, 8 March 2012 at 19:0
  • Where
    TBA - shifting locations,  new fun ones EVERY THURSDAY
  • Description
    Every Thursday night we'll be writing, directing, starring in, and producing a NEW science fiction short. Results will be edited over the next week and premiered at the beginning of the next session.

    No fussy scriptwriting or acting! Just hectic group creation the dystopian/alien/zombie/ apocalypse/revolutionary/ utopian scenarios that we usually can only daydream about!

    BRING any prop you might want to use. Anything in yr house that looks futuristic or sublime. ALSO any colored light bulbs you might have or sheets with crazy patterns. OH AND costume gear. and musical instruments.

    Ed Wood! Kuchar Brothers! John Waters! Theater of the Oppressed! Jack Smith! Kurt Russell! BLADE RUNNER! SOLARIS! THX1138! THE CALIFORNIA LOVE MUSIC VIDEO!

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    Your life, I swear, your life is something from a movie :)