Friday, December 2, 2011

Food and (a lack of) feelings.

Oh boy. If you like me, then please let me go. I'm no good for you. I feel numb all the time, and I'm not even sure if anything I  feel is real, or if it's just something I make up, because I'm desperate to feel human.

I'm not depressed or anything, I just feel empty. I'm not sure when it happened, but suddenly I just realized that I just don't give a shit anymore. It feels like all my emotions are gone, more or less. My hands are bruised, and there's a hole in the wall. But somehow I can't recall any of this. I just can't remember.

Nothing makes sense to me anymore. I just want to run away. But it seems like that's all I do nowadays. Whenever something get's a bit difficult, I run away. I guess that's why I decided to stay in Thailand for a few months.

Everything is going abnormally fine for the moment. I guess I should appreciate that. But what's the point of having a rocking life, if I don't really give a shit about anything and just can't feel one damn thing? Anyway. Sorry dude.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm hungry. And you know what? I'm damn good at cooking Thai food. Om nom nomz extreme. But I have no idea of what to make.. But as long as I end up eating something with a dead animal included, I'll be happy.

Wok chicken with mushrooms, broccoli, fish sauce, sweet soy sauce, a bit of chili and garlic. Nomz! 
Thom kha kai soup (it literally means boiled leg chicken, lulz). The best Thai soup, ever. Coconut milk,  chicken, mushrooms, lemongrass (for the taste),  galangal (also for the taste), fresh chili, dried chili, kaffir lime leaves (for the taste), fish sauce, lime aaand done.
Nam thok - which means waterfall. Beef (or pork, chicken or duck), fish sauce, lime juice, cucumber, onions, roasted rice, mint leaves, cilantro, spring onions and plenty of roasted chili. 

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